2015                PhD in Atmospheric Science, Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main, 1.0 magna cum laude, Thesis advisor: Joachim Curtius

2011                MPhys, Oxford University (Exeter College)



2015 – present Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, CU Boulder and NOAA Earth Science Research Laboratory, Chemical Science Division, Research Scientist



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2012-2013       Marie Curie fellowship on CLOUD-ITN

2013-2015       Marie Curie fellowship on CLOUD-TRAIN



2014                Exploring Aerosol Size Distributions below 4nm, ITM, Stockholm University

2013                Measuring Aerosols and Calculating their Climate Relevant Properties, SPOT-ITN conference, Arnhem, Netherlands

2012                An Inversion Technique for Calculating Aerosol Particle Growth Rates, CLOUD-ITN final conference, Königstein, Germany



2016                A First Look at the Global Distribution of Newly Formed Particles from the NASA Atmospheric Tomography Mission, IGAC, Breckenridge, CO, poster

2015                Calibrations of Aerosol Spectrometers linking Ground and Airborne Measurements, AGU fall meeting, San Francisco CA, poster

2015                Nucleation Mode Aerosol Spectrometer Calibrations for Fast Time-Response Tropospheric Measurements on the NASA Atmospheric Tomography Mission, AAAR, Minneapolis MN, poster

2013                A Double Inversion: Size and Time Resolved Growth Rates on CLOUD at CERN, ICNAA, Fort Collins CO, poster

2012                Aerosol Growth in the CLOUD Chamber, EAC, Granada, Spain, poster



2015 – present Measuring and analyzing aerosol size distributions on the NASA Atmospheric Tomography Mission

2012 – 2015    Measuring aerosol nucleation and growth on the CERN CLOUD chamber

Developing multi-instrument inversion techniques

2014                Secondment at California Institute of Technology with Richard Flagan on inverse modeling approaches to large data sets

2014                Measuring free tropospheric nucleation on the Jungfraujoch station



 2014                Supervision of Bachelor’s student project, Goethe University, Frankfurt

2013                Supervision of Master’s work and thesis, Goethe University, Frankfurt



2016                Manuscript review, Atmos. Chem. Phys

2017                Manuscript review, Atmos. Chem. Phys