Academic CVs


I’ve recently been updating my CV to reflect all the changes since finishing my doctorate. Academic CVs are pretty different from standard CVs for industry etc. and it can be hard to get good advice on writing one. I found two very helpful articles that set out expectations within academia and guidelines for a good CV, so I thought I’d share them here for others to use.

The first is an article in the chronicle of higher education, which not only guides the writing of a CV but also explains why it is so important to get it right and follow the accepted form. It can be found here:

For more comprehensive guidelines I turned to the Pearls of Wisdom blog from  “The Professor is In”, which I’ve used before for tips on everything from proposal writing to what to wear for interviews. I recommend having a good root around the blog if you’re in research or academia, it’s one of the best I’ve found so far. The article on CVs is very comprehensive and can be found here:

I love finding articles and blogs talking about research and academia, both for practical tips and just to hear about other people’s experiences. Do write in the comments below if you have any reading recommendations on this subject!


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